Quick VT Transaction+ Question

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I have recently downloaded the free trial of VT Transaction+ and Final Accounts. So far, so good, it seems easy to use and I've even raised a couple of invoices on it as well as entering journals for all my expenses to date.

My query is, why does it show sales as a negative figure? So at the moment my little tab that shows net profit is showing:

Sales -220.18 (in Red)

Expenses 1,317.36

Net loss for the year 1,097.18

I'm used to seeing losses as a minus and it is just throwing me a little bit!

Hopefully it is something that is easy to answer!

Thank you for your help :-)


  • Kjmcculloch
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    Hi Laura,

    VT Transaction+ shows debits as positive figures and credits as negative figures. Hope this makes sense now.

  • Monsoon
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    Yep, what Kris said.

    Think accountant speak, not client-view.

    Credits are minuses, debits are pluses.
  • Laura8192
    Laura8192 Registered Posts: 95 ? ? ?
    Ok thats alright then, just checking there was nothing wrong with my set up! Makes sense now, thank you.
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