www.choose-your-accountant.co.uk security threat

In a separate thread, i posted a link to a www.choose-your-accountant.co.uk ad that I'd received via email. One of the forum members kindly pinted out that by following that link they had full access to my account and could edit my profile, see my tenders, tender for new work, in fact anything that I can do, without ever being asked for an id and password.

I phoned choose your accountant and asked them to turn off automatic logon from links emailed to me and they told me it isn't possible. At my request, they have now deleted my account as that was the only way to plug the security hole. It makes me wonder what other security risks are involved with using the site.

If you use www.choose-your-accountant.co.uk, never forward, copy & paste or in any other way distribute a link they send you.

My thanks go out to the forum member who brought this to my attention.
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