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Hi all,

Some opinions wanted...

I've just been invited to join a local BNI group. I've always been of the opinion that these sort of things aren't of much use; networking with the same people each week seems like it'd be of limited benefit, particularly after a few weeks. I am also a little skeptical as to how many people are really 'buying' at these events anyway!

But before I politely decline, I thought I'd see if anyone here has found them to be useful?

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  • paulstafford
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    I've been with BNI for about 18 months and I've found it useful as a start up practice.

    If you stay for a year and are seen as a good member (provide referrals, bring visitors, get involved ), then you will pick up some clients.

    It is quite a commitment and as you seem skeptical, I'm not sure it is for you.
  • bigmuggsy
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    Wouldn't go near.

    I attended one once and we completely put off for two main reasons;

    A) I don't want to do business at 7am in the morning. The last thing I want to do is give my opinions on accounting changes, HMRC etc when its still dark out.

    B) I have to do referrals for others and run a business at the same time, with no guarantee that any referrals will be passed to me. Doing work for others didn't appeal to me!

    IMO waste of time, concentrate on smaller, independent, more informal networking events.

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