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I'm currently coming to the end of my AAT level 2, i have already enrolled on level 3 and hope to complete this by April/May. I am however at a bit of a crossroads as to where to go afterwards. I feel my real desire is to do an Accounting & Business degree but as i am 22 (a little old to start uni) and have a lot of outgoings I'll need to have an evening and weekend job as well. I am currently working in a small accountants firm but don't believe i could stay on here whilst doing a full time degree as the hours wouldn't suit the practice etc.

So i am looking for advice really, to see what everybody else has done and the paths they have gone down. Do I pursue the degree? Do i do AAT Level 4 and then CIMA? Do i stay where i am and carry on the financial accounting route?

Any advice or opinions would be much appreciated.

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    Why not look at ACCA and the Oxford Brookes degree? Basically you do F4-F9 and then a project at the end which converts it to a BSc (in Applied Accounting if my memory serves me right). You then have your degree and are also part way towards chartered status.
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    Hi Liam,

    My advise would be to stick with your job in the accounts practise as you're gaining vital experience and knowledge
    and pursue onto AAT level 4 after level 3. Then you could apply to become MAAT qualified using the letters after
    your name. Or you can go to uni for three years with a massive debt afterwards, without having MAAT after your
    name - not the option I would pick :)
    If you're enjoying working in practise then definitely stick with it and have a look at ACCA, as ACCA is more geared
    towards the financial accounting route rather than CIMA, also you do get exempt from the first three ACCA papers
    should you wish to study.

    Good luck with whatever you decide


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    I've got a degree and it doesnt open any doors for me in Accounting, I ended up doing AAT and now ACCA anyway. I wish I did what you did as now it is so hard to get into an accounts role without experience.
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    I echo what others have said. Experience and a vocational qualification will be much more useful than a degree. It's what employers need and want. The people I've known with an accounting and business degree went on to do ACCA, CIMA or ICAEW afterwards.

    You're a qualified accountant with AAT, but if you want to go further with your studies, ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW are the equivalent of a masters degree. Subjects covered give you enough business education to advance into any field you wish - they are about much more than accountancy and tax.

    Good luck
  • Clayy1990
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    my mind is a lot more settled now so thanks to all for the responses. Onward and upward then and all the best :-)

    Thanks again.

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