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Hey guys,

Just a heads up - my tutor wants me to list which websites and what specific books/resources I have used for research. So you may want to keep a list whilst you start studying this unit, as I am now trawling through my internet history - which as you can guess is made up of shopping and holiday destinations!!

Nearly there!!


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    References and Bibliography

    Before you start any assignment, you will research the subject area, and you will use a variety of sources (articles, books, radio etc). When you begin to write your report, you must include the names of the various writers whose statistics, arguments and views you have refereed to. If you fail to acknowledge your sources, you are open to accusations of plagiarism, which means taking and using another’s work as your own.

    Therefore citing a reference is an acknowledgement of a piece of writing by another author, which has been referred to or quoted in a written piece of work

    List of References

    For this you will need to list all the publications you have used as part of your background reading including any websites visited using for example the Harvard Method for your citing layout. You tutor will be able to let you know their preferred method.

    Any references used should follow in alphabetical order at the end of your report. .

    It is important that you give precise details of your references which should include:

    1. Author’s name and initials surname first
    2. Year of publication (in brackets)
    3. Title of the book, paper or journal (underlined)
    4. Publisher
    5. Place of publication
    6. Page numbers when citing from a section of a book – Pp 1-21.
    7. Details of the journal volume in which the article has appeared.

    For referencing of on-line sources as there is not a recognised convention for citing electronic sources of information. It is acceptable to follow the Harvard system and add the following two features:

    1. Show the full website address as [online]: Available from: http://www......
    2. The date of accessing the information as [Accessed 20th December 2012].
    This is needed as webpage’s are updated all the time and the article referenced could be moved or changed.

    This extra information would be added at the end of the normal citing reference method used from the available information contained within the article being viewed.

    For example this could be shown as follows;

    Collinson P (/2012) Money current accounts: Lloyds halts branch sales of packaged accounts [online]: Available from: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/dec/19/lloyds-halts-branch-sales-packaged-accounts [Accessed 20th December 2012].

    I trust this information will be of assistance.
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