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Hello everyone,

This may be a stupid question...

I have my spreadsheet exam tomorrow and am little confused on the spreadsheet practice assessment at Part 2 (Parkin Motors)

This is the question:
1.1a Insert formulae to calculate the total value of sales revenue for each make of car for each sales person. This is the data I have so I don't really get what they are asking!!

FAMILY First name Lexus Honda Porsche
Smith Lynn 50950 53345 76799
Idawo Bernard 42762 42245 29872
Binns Stanley 21432 74324 17689
Black Janet 32678 53535 68231
StevensonPaul 36758 53572 19022
Lindo-UnanGeorge 48735 72623 97532

Can anyone help?!


  • Nps
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    Yes, it's not the clearest question is it! I can only assume that they are asking you to enter the formula to calculate the total sales for each person. The question makes it sounds like they want the information which they have already given to you. The answers suggest that it is the total sales for each person which they want.
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    Hi! I am studying long distance with Premier Training and can't seem to get clear answers regarding the exam. The AAT practice exam and the one in the back of the osbourne book appear to be identical but one gives you 1.5 hours and the other 2.5 hours. How long do you actually get to do the exam!? I noticed that some parts tell you to print things and that the answers show two seperate workbooks. My tutor however says you needn't do any printing and that all worksheets should be contained within the one workbook. I intend to sit the exam in my workplace (which is a library) and am concerned that in not understanding the 'rules' for this assessment at all. With the CBA's at test centres they just load up the exam and off you go but with this one?...
    Any and all accurate, current info would be greatly appreciated!!!
    On a different issue, my AAT membership runs out at the end of Feb and seeing as once i've done the spreadsheet exam i have finished level 3 and then intend to take a break, i am not thinking of renewing it. I am about ready to do the exam but does it take ages to 'sit' or can you just do it as soon as you are ready? I hear you get a pin or something? Will the 6 weeks to mark cause trouble if i am no longer an AAT member by then? It seems stupid to pay £80 for a few days...
  • omega man
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    With this exam your tutor should take 2 weeks to mark it and then you will have your results hopefully before your membership runs out.
    It is 2.5 hours plus 15 mins reading time,i think.
    No printing all in workbooks to upload.
  • Clarekaye
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    You can print out the answer sheets off the website too that will help explain the question.
    My exam questions were worded different and only one caught me out with net/gross so dont worry too much
    Good luck today :thumbup1:
  • Jane Hasler
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    Hi, I am a course advisor at Premier Training and would like to help you with your query regarding the rules and proceduares of sitting a CBP at your place of work. My email address is jane@premiertraining.co.uk or you can call me on 01469 570269/01469 515444 and I am here until 8pm today.

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