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I am finding it hard to get a job in Accounts due to lack of directly relevant work experience. I am studying for career progression to make the transition into Accountancy from an Admin role I have currently. I took this role due to more favourable working hours to allow me to study in my spare time, previous job wouldn't allow me.
I long to work in Accountancy position (industry or Practice based)as I enjoy preparing/analysing a set of accounts. I am late 30's have previously worked as a Business Studies Secondary School teacher and I have Business degree and PGCE.
I am hoping that once I get F4-9 under my belt I would be able to get a job as a 'Part Qualified Accountant' through a recruitment agency. Is this a reasonable expectation to make?

Can any of you offer me some further advice as to how to achieve my goal of making the transition? I currently live in South West Wales where there is a lack of employment prospects


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    Hi CCFC

    When I first decided to move into accountancy, like you I found that jobs were hard to find with no experience.

    Whilst I was studying AAT I wrote/emailed every accountancy firm in my city asking if I could do some free work experience. Luckily I had a reply, went into a firm for one afternoon a week and got some much needed experience.

    As you've mentioned F4 I assume you're studying ACCA and although this is a good qualification, many firms would also want a certain level of experience to offer a "part qualified" position.

    My advice would be to contact any accountants close to you, and if possible in your circumstances, ask if you can complete some work experience.

    Good luck :)
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