Personal Tax - PTX - Feedback (A Joke)

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Hello All

Sat my personal Tax exam today the 21st 12 2012. Reasonably confident. One or two things wrong.

I sat the exam at 09:30 and finished two hours later at 11.30.

As I left the exam, I realised if I failed - IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD :)


Ok so it's not that funny.


  • craigbrown2602
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    Of course the world wasn't going to end last week, did you not watch Back to the Future part 2? They travelled into the Year 2015! Also, Busted went to the Year 3000 :001_smile:

    Good luck with your PTX, I am also waiting for my PTX results and will be sitting FNPF and FNST in January.
  • Spamkebab
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    But Prince is still partying like it's 1999.
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