My personal Tax Credit Appeal - HELP !!!!!!!

Is there anyone here who has done a Tax Credit Appeal? I need to do one for myself and really need some help. PLEASE can you post here if you think you can help me!

They owe us about £3,500.

Many thanks

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  • Natsmomma
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    Hi Annie

    I haven't been through the formal appeal process but have appealed a couple of times independently when I have felt that Tax Credits were in the wrong. I have always been successful, it is a case of stating the facts and waiting and waiting for them to see that you are correct. A bit like HMRC!!!

    Good luck with it
  • T.C.
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    I have challenged them and won. They are very often incorrect and you can beat them. Just put everything in writing and keep good records. Make sure your facts are always correct and keep your letter concise - don't get too personal. You go get 'em!
  • anniem
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    Update: I wrote an appeal letter (which I haven't heard back about).

    I also went to see my local MP on Saturday 5 January. My MP was enormously helpful and wrote a letter to 'The Ministerial Team at Tax Credit HQ' (yes, they have their own 'people' in the dept). On Tuesday 15 Jan I heard from a very nice lady from 'The-Ministerial-Team-no-you-can't-have-my-number-I-am-important' lady, who was, in fact, very helpful. My figures have now been amended and I should receive any correcting payments very soon.

    Conclusion; if you have a Tax Credit problem and feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall then go and see the local MP, they have "people" to sort it out! :)
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
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