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Hi there,

I have just started on this project and I am finding it really challenging to put things together, in particular I have no idea as to where to start my SWOT analysis!!! I have gon straight into writing the project but I am now stuck on the weaknesses and findings of the current. I have to revisit the SWOT analysis which I had skipped.

Can someone please, please help in any way possible?


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    Hi yah,

    I found that the SWOT analysis was a great way to see what was needed within the company and really helped with what I would write about, I would refer to it a lot through out the unit. I went through the info and jotted down all the good/bad things about the company, for example they all had their own computers but there was no central system used, there were credit control procedure in place but there were overridden.

    I found the opportunities and threats a bit harder - but thank heaven for google!!

    Hope this helps!!
  • Lee
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    Hi Whirlwind,

    Thanks Whirlwind for your comment.

    Yes the shop computers are operating on a stand alone basis but the accounting system is integrated running on non-relational data base? (is this sage?) I don't understand whether this means a strong or weak thing? I have however googled the "non relational data base. This appears an inefficient system as its prone to duplications.

    On this Inkwell cartridge scenario, I have chosen to do the AR. I have joted down the weaknesses I can see in the department but I am not very sure about them. I have also looked at the use of a proprietory cost system by Alan. I am not very sure whether this is the company's bespoke system or something Alan invented for himself?
    I am not sure if it's interfacing the main integrated acocunting system.
    I am like firing blank bullets on this projects.
    Whirlwind is it ok if I could send you an e-mail rather than do it through the forum?
    Thank you very much for your help.
  • Lee
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    Could you please tell me where I start counting the 3500-4000?
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    Happy to help - if I can. My email is Whirlwind2012@sky.com.

    I viewed it as my own company and tried to work out what I would want for it to run smoothly - if money was no object.

    Who are you studying with? I used BPP and they were brill, in the workbook there would be a chapter title and then a sentence for what each paragraph should contain. Our tutor told us not to worry about the word count until nearer the end. I started with the chapters on (4) introduction to the company, (5) the accounts department, (6)specific section you are investigating - as these would have the most words.

    Really don't worry about the word count just yet, the word count does not include Appendices or title page. I would focus on the SWOT to get ideas of where you are heading.

    Chin up though - if I did it anyone can!!
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