Which is the most difficult unit at level 4???

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Hi all , I am new to this forum and have been reviewing the threads for the last few weeks when I have been revising for the Budgeting and the FNST exams and they were a great help.

I am awaiting the results for both and found the Budgeting exam ok but I found the FNST exam difficult (especially the written parts) , and was just curious if people think this is the most difficult unit at level 4 or is the Financial Performance unit just as difficult

Thanks all


  • Whirlwind
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    I think this topic will depend on everyones experience, but for me ... I found FNPF the hardest, EXA the driest and ICAS the most long winded!!

    I studied FNST with an online classroom but all the rest of level 4 self studied, so that maybe why I wouldn't put that as my hardest.
  • Bongo
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    Hi there,

    In my own experience, FNPF was the hardest by a long way followed by FNST.

    I wouldn't really class Budgeting, Personal Tax & Business Tax as being hard as such, just lots to remember.

    I haven't started ICAS and can't say I'm really looking forward to it either :huh:
  • welshwizard
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    Take a look at the assessment success rates for each unit - this will give you an idea of the hardest units BUT remember you may find a management accounting unit easier than someone who prefers financial accounting - this would obviously have an effect on how difficult people find a particular unit.
  • apreech
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    I would agree, I found FNPF the hardest closely followed by FNST.

    Budgeting, Personal Tax and Credit Management weren't too bad, just a lot of info to remember :)

    There are quite a few thread posts about FNPF and FNST which can provide guidance on how and what to learn to help you get through the exams.

    Hope that helps :)
  • marvel7
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    Thanks for the opinions people.

    I found budgeting fairly straight forward and a lot of topics revisited from level 3. ( found out y/day that i'd passed .Hooray!!). From the posts it seems that FNFP follows on from budgeting so fingers crossed I will be ok with some hard work.

    Still waiting on FNST results and I hope I dont have to resit so I dont have to stress myself out again!

    The other units we have to do are the two tax ones so it seems just lots to remember and I've looked and the on assessment success rates are quite high according to the AAT site
  • Jo Clark
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    Congratulations on passing BGT and fingers crossed for FNST.

    FNPF is not too bad, I preferred it to FNST!

    I also studied the two tax modules and there is a lot to remember but you will find it useful personally and in a work environment. I thoroughly enjoyed PTX and BTX and highly recommend them.

    Good luck.
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