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Hi All,

I'm currently studying budgeting and will be sitting this at the end of January. I was thinking of doing FNPF next however I've read quite a few posts saying this and FNST are the most diffcult. So now I'm thinking of doing a tax option next. Do you think it would be wise to leave FNPF and FNST till the end?



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    Current exam results have shown lower %s of candidates passing FNPF and FNST compared to subjects such as Budgeting. I think the development of the point would be to seek out FNPF next. There are common areas of knowledge between Budgeting and FNPF, so while this knowledge is fresh in your mind use it. If you switch to Personal Tax then by the time you go on the FNPF the knowledge that you acquired during your Budgeting studies may be a little rusty.
    I recommend taking FNPF after Budgeting.
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  • SarahJS
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    I'd also recommend doing FNPF straight after budgeting. I actually did FNPF the day after budgeting, and as I'd self studied in a short period of time, the boundaries between the two were very blurred - I almost felt like it was a single module with two exams given the similarity of the content! As far as I recall the written questions were almost identical in both my exams!

    Another plus of doing FNPF next woud be that you would have one of the 'harder' (in the eyes of many people) exams out the way and will not be left with the modules you dread later!

    Good luck :)
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