Is this what life has become!?!? ;)

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Mainly due to a bad back, I appear to be revising for AP1 and AP2 on a Saturday night! Where did it all go so wrong, so young! (well, nearly!) lol

Getting started on Level 3 and hoping to get done by the Summer as I really want to go travelling and hopefully have level 3 under my belt before coming back and getting an accounts job to do level 4.

Few questions then......Im going it alone, reading through the BPP books, does anyone know if the prices have gone up for BPP exams, for level 2, I was paying about £75 each exam with a local provider, but my nearest BPP is Cambridge which is approx 35 miles away and expensive to park so I'm thinking, if BPP works out cheaper, I am going to try and do 2 exams each time I drive over there in order to make it worthwhile!

Also, for the spreadsheet module, from the forums, I have summarised that the best people to go with for studying the unit alone is Kaplan, or am I wrong?! And if i went with them, does it work best to get spreadsheet exam out of the way soonish so I'm not waiting around for the results?!

Good luck to everyone with your studies and thanks for the help so far!

Rachel :)


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    Hi Rachel,

    The latest invoice I got for an exam price through BPP was £54.00 (VAT inc.). If you are working in a position relating to your study and your are between 16-24 then you should enquire about the apprenticeship through BPP!

    I am also doing long distance learning and have Cambridge is my closest BPP Centre. I have found that if you use the park and ride facilities, you don't actually pay for parking, just a few pounds for the bus which is alot less stressful as well! I wouldn't recommend trying to do two exams at once especially as your now moving to level three, especially in the time limit you have given yourself because of the amount of information that you have to take in!

    Good luck for your future and enjoy your summer travels! I hope this info has been a little useful...

    Catriona :001_smile:
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