Why are people studying AAT?

I am wondering why people are studying AAT and where they anticipate going afterwards. Are you heading for further study? Looking for work within an industry, accounting practice or self employed offering services?
thank you
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  • SamiH
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    After 9 years as an accounts assistant for a large PLC, I started to get bored and the only way I could move up into something new and challenging was to start studying. I completed Level 3 in July, started Level 4 in September and in October, I successfully secured an assistant accountant role.

    Once I complete Level 4, my plans are to move onto CIMA. AAT and CIMA have, and will, open opportunities within the company that would never have been available to me before.
  • Donna Curling
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    Well done - looks like it has opened doors for you that were never possible. Your hard work is paying off in achieving your goals in life.
    Donna Curling
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  • jan808
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    Hi, its good you have a good career path set up. I just want a change of career and want to improve my earning prospects. I will study AAT level 2, 3 and 4, in between my studies I will find employment in a accounts role. Upon completion of my AAT level4 I will progress to ACCA. I just just hope I can get a good job after achieving my goal.
  • PGM
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    AAT is very often seen as just a stepping stone to the chartered qualifications, which is a shame because its a great qualification in its own right. And, it has been greatly discussed on here the other alternatives, such as tax qualifications rather than chartered, which will be of more use to some people.

    I did AAT then ACCA, I'd say it gives you a good grounding in the subject, but it was a long 5 years!
  • Donna Curling
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    Hear you PGM - many years ago I was fortunate to have a manager to push my studying of AAT through my employee at the time - it was a lot of study and dedication at the time however I have no regrets. I never felt the need to go further with my career as bookkeeping, rather than accountancy, was my expertise.
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  • Nileshladva
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    for me personally, AAT is cheaper and much more practical compared to university. I can learn from home, at my own pace and not pay the ridiculous £9000 + Living costs. Courses have become far more popular compared to degrees because of the availability and organizations like AAT and ACCA which are highly regarded in the world of work.

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