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My students have taken BA I and should soon finalise BA II. I had been advised to study Basic Costing prior to WEAF however I would like to take students through WEAF next - from a student point of view any thoughts on this please.

Is it important WEAF comes afterwards?
thank you
Donna Curling
Donna Curling - AAT Tutor


  • Rachie278
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    Personally, I did Basic costing before WEAF as that was the way it was set out in my timetable from my Training Provider. I didn't find any problems in doing it this way, however, maybe, it would be good to do Weaf after BA1 and BA2 purely for the fact that if they found that tiring or a long slog, doing WEAF next (as I think most people find it fairly easy!) might give that a little relax and a boost so that they are fresh to start the harder Basic Costing?!

  • Donna Curling
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    thanks Rachel - it was kind of along the lines of my thoughts - BA II did add some additional thinking by the end of the course. I too have seen feedback that WEAF was a little "lighter".
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
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