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One of my clients has decided its time to incorporate his business and asked me to deal with all the necessary paperwork. How easy is it to use the Companies House website? Or is it worth using one of the specialist 'setting up a limited company' companies??


  • Fireraiser
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    CH web incorporation is a doddle if there's nothing unusual about the proposed company and the model articles are suitable for your client. I haven't seen any of the "specialist" companies which actually offer anything special. If your client doesn't want to do use CH and incorporate themselves, which not sub-contract to another MiP whose licence includes Company Secretarial Services?
  • Donna Curling
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    Straight forward to do but you do need some personal info to hand. I do have a link on my website for company formations if any use to you / company formations under account services.
    Cost is from £ 25.50 - if it is for client I would often suggest second package £ 33.50 as this includes a bound copy of memorandum of articles

    Good luck with it.
    Donna Curling - AAT Tutor
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