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Can anyone recommend a good quality series of lessons on You-Tube for Level 3 subjects?

Just want to be able to clarify my understanding etc!

Many Thanks



  • welshwizard
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    Try this:

    This has a variety of videos posted by First Intuition (no, I don't work for them!)

    You may find some material here that can help you.
  • sdv
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    for Spreadsheet
    search for AND, OR, IF, PIVOT TABLE, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP infact any spreadsheet function and you will get loads of videos

    For Ethics
    search for "Mind your Language", "Love thy neighbour", "Till death do us part" - hilarious comedy but not suitable for today's correct "Ps"and "Qs".
    Good for understanding Ethics though

    another excellent place for ethics resources and case studies ""

    Costs and Revenue
    search for "Marginal costing", "Break even point", "Allocation of Overheards", "Labour Bonus" etc

    for AP1
    search for "Accruals", "Prepayments", "Bad Debts", "Depreciation" , "Straigbnt Line Method", £Reducing Balance Method", "profit and Loss", "Extented trial balance" etc
    also try " A Level Accounts"

    loads of videos

    hope this helps
  • Ventra
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    Thank you both very much.:thumbup:

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