Revenue and cost exam!!!! Help!!!!

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Can someone tell me what the Revenue and Cost exam looks like? Is it very similar to the practice exams on AAT web site or completely different? :confused1: From the PEAF and Tax exam I have noticed they change exams this year to make them much harder than the practice ones! anyone has passed recently this exam and could tell me what to expect and to which areas focus as there is so much to remember how to calculate what etc? my head is spinning guys :scared:


  • MarkT
    MarkT Registered Posts: 302
    I hate to tell you this, but when I took CRS last year, we were all thrown a curveball on it as the format was totally different to the practice.

    However, you are given enough time to read and practically apply the principles you have learned throught the topic.

    Good luck with it :001_smile:
  • Cudey
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    Can't help with the CRS exam as I haven't sat this as yet, but I feel your pain with the tax exam. It was completely different to the mocks in December. Is this a standard end of year thing, or are they perhaps trying to make the exams more difficult?
  • Clarekaye
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    I have done all bar PEAF (next month) and have noticed with all of them not to expect exactly the same as the mocks as they word things different but all in all if you learn how to get the answer rather than how you did it to get the mocks right then you should be fine
    After all how can they copy the actual questions into the mock, that would make all our hard work a bit pointless....
    Good luck!
  • Lindux
    Lindux Registered Posts: 29 Epic contributor 🐘
    Passed CRS exam today exceeding every single question!!! Well done to me :D
    Next AP1!!! Bring it on ;-)
  • Whirlwind
    Whirlwind Registered Posts: 249 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    That's fantastic news!! Well done you!!
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