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Dear All,
I am about to start AAT Level 2 course. I have a lot of questions to ask, have found the answers when reading AAT forum's posts) but what troubles me most is:

- what books would you recommend to Level 2 self study at home (have decided not to enroll to course)

- how long does it take to go through Level 2 for a person who studied accounting in the past but has no experience? Would it be possible to do it in 6 month or so?

- when Level 2 exams can be sat? Are the exam dates same in whole UK, or, it depends on a course provider and country (England, Scotland, etc)

Thank you for all your help.


  • liveprincess
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    Hi Isa

    - I use Kaplan and they are good, but I have never used any others so can't compare
    - I did level 2 in 3 months (working full time, with no previous knowledge about accounting at all) It just depends how determined you are
    - level 2 exams can be sat all year long, just contact the nearest exam centre and book dates with them (some of them do exams nearly every day)

    Hope that helps

    Good luck
  • Clayy1990
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    Hi Isa,
    I completed Level 2 in 6 weeks from my first exam to my last with no previous accounting experience so i'm sure you'll be great. I'm enrolled with the Home Learning College which is where i get all my resources from.
  • Treena91
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    Hi isa78,

    I have only had experience of the BPP learning materials, but I have found them more than substantial enough to get me through my exams. Although I am using the online learning facilities as I am a registered student with them I find the text books the most useful materials in explaining the information...

    As for the length of time it takes, that can vary a great deal from each individual. I had extremely limited experience when I started my course, which just related to the SL and PL... I am now on course to of have finished my studies within 8 months, with having a small break in between so I would say that at a push your target is achievable.

    Level 2 exams can be sat at the times provided by the centre that you shall be sitting them at, so that means they are unique to each centre round the UK...

    I hope this helps good luck with your studies!
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