AAT Level 2 + 3 BPP books for sale Brand NEW

MeMyselfI Registered Posts: 21 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
I have all the books for Level 2 and 3 from 2012 and they have not been used. They are brand new!

Each book is £15 RRP. Give me an offer as these need to go ASAP.


  • Clayy1990
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    How many books are included in both levels and what sort of price are you looking for?
  • ben1991
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    Can you specifically list each of the books you have. I can make you an offer today if you get back to me.
  • MeMyselfI
    MeMyselfI Registered Posts: 21 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Level 2 has 8 books
    Basic accounting 1 (text + Question bank)
    Basic accounting 2 (text + Question bank)
    Basic costing (text + Question bank)
    Working effectively (text) 1 book
    Computerised accounts (text) 1 book

    Level 3 has 12 books
    Accounts preparation 1 (text + Question bank)
    Accounts preparation 2 (text + QB)
    Cash Management (text + QB)
    Costs and Revenues (text + QB)
    Professional ethics (text + Question bank)
    Spreadsheet software (textbook) 1 book
    Indirect tax (text with QB) 1 book

    Please note these books are 2011 edition and used for assessments after 2011. They can still be used for the current exams.

    About £250
  • ktrim
    ktrim Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Still for sale?

    Are these books still for sale? I'm interested in buying the lot and I'll make you an offer if they haven't already gone.
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