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Hi can anyone help,

I am completing my first VAT return on Sage, how do I where do I go to print the reports to back up the VAT return?

Thanks (using Sage Line 50)


  • jenny3549
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    Hi Nicky,

    This is step by step so forgive me if some of it you've already done!

    Go to the Financials tab and click on the VAT icon (any other users will need to be logged out for you to do this)
    The VAT Return window will come up and you can enter the dates of the VAT quarter into the from and to boxes in the top right.

    Click on caculate at the bottom - it will run the VAT return. Check the details it brings up (ie there are 3000 transactions unreconciled, 20 of which are before outside of the dates). There shouldn't really be any unreconciled transactions out of the VAT quarter as it means there might be a problem so, if there are you will need to check through the report to make sure you are happy with them, usually to do with ones dated earlier than the quarter (invoices being posted late so need to be included).

    Click on print return at bottom, (I always preview first, but that's just me). It will then give you then options of printing VAT Rtn, Summary and Detailed - I print all three.

    Once you are happy everything else is correct, hit the reconcile button at the bottom.

    Hopefully this will help. I've had to do this from memory as I've got other users logged in so can't actually have a look!
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