Level 3 Difficulty as a whole

Clayy1990 Registered Posts: 35 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Hi, recently took my 6 weeks to complete all of level 2 and was wondering what sort of difficulty i'll face during level 3 and how long roughly it will take?

All answers and opinions appreciated.



  • Petana
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    Hi, that's pretty impressive to complete level 2 in 6 weeks.. well done. I am half way through level 3 and it definitely is a bigger step from level 2. I would say allow double the time for level 3 but it's hard for me to say since I study on average 2-3 hours a week.
  • Kelly7
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    Wow, 6 weeks, I did mine over 9 months so I'm not sure we can really compare lol but all I will say is that it is defintiely a big step up from level 2.

    For level 2 we did 1 x 3hr classes a week with work at home as well, for level 3 we are doing 2 x 3hr classes a week and work at home probably 4 nights.

  • omega man
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    Hi I did level 2+3 in 9 months and i am half way through level 4 all after 16 months total.
    level 3 is a step up and level 4 another step up,but just building on what you have already been taught.
    There are 7 exams in total,Petana still has cash management and cost and revenues to do after the ones noted and these are probably the hardest ones.
    When you get to level 4 you have 5 exams and a tough project to do,GOOD LUCK.
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