Tax Return help - P45 figures don't make sense!

This may be a bit rambly, in which case sorry!

I have a couple, tax returns to prepare for both. She's straightforward. He isn't;

They are not higher rate tax payers. He was a headteacher, paid off in the 2011/12 year. P45 from school 1.11.11 said gross pay £29,160.00 tax paid £5,832 (this included ex-gratia payments of £22480 &v£6680). He also received £30,000 compensation payment.

P45 from Jobcentre 9.2.12 states gross pay £25,364.41 tax paid £3857.80. Diff in gross £-3795.59 and tax £-1974.20 on previous P45 issued by the school. How can this be?????

He reclaimed £1,961.93 overpaid tax on R50 on 24 April 2012, after tax year end. Does this go in the 2013 Tax Return or the year to 5 April 2012?

I don't understand why/how his gross income is showing as reduced later in the year!

I am waiting for mortgage interest figure as they also have property income and confirmation that he had no P11D. He is ultra disorganised on the paperwork front!:confused1:
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    OK. Think I'll just have to write to the Tax Office, put a note in Additional Information on Tax Return and tick the ESTIMATE box, just to be on the safe side :)
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