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I am currently moving through my AAT Levels and want to do a SAGE course, could anyone tell me which
would be more beneficial, sage instant accounts or sage 50?

answers much appreciated!


  • deborahcarpenter
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    Hi Caroline23

    Sage instant is a basic version of sage 50. You get alot more features on Sage 50. I personally use Sage 50 as most of my clients have complex businesses and need things like stock control etc. which i believe you dont get on sage instant. I have used both versions and they both work in th same way so if you learn on Sage instant it shouldnt be a problem to upgrade to Sage 50 at a later date. Also Sage 50 is alot more expensive!!

  • caroline23
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    Thanks for replying Deborah, i am going to be studying Sage 50 level 2 or Sage instant accounts to do
    an exemption from my level 2 AAT computerised accounting module, as i think it will look good on my CV
    as well so killing two birds with one stone.

    i have found a site that does all 3 levels of Sage 50 for 229 incl exams, so didn't know if it would be
    worth the extra money as other forums i have seen say Sage Instant certification isn't seen as a bonus on a CV, they would rather see Sage 50?

    Trying to do everything i can to improve my job prospects once i qualify!
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