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Wabi Sabi
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Hi I come from techi world. To get to the forums page you need to log onto the AAT site and then through to forums. As the forums page does not open as a new window then when logging out of forums there is no easy link to get back to MyAAT home page to log out of that. This leads to some hanging issues when closing the forum, page and trying to log back into MyAAT page. Make the forum page and MyAAT either better linked for common logon or have separate pages making it easier to log out of each.


  • liveprincess
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    I go to the forum directly through this address
    I have separate login details for both and never encountered any problems you are describing. And I don't come from a techi world lol
  • aaron0121
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    lmao what's techi world, is that a company?

    You can also type into google aat forums or bookmark

    Hope this helps

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  • *Jo
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    Hold down Ctrl key as you click on the link to the forums and it will open up in a new window. This also works for opening links from google etc.


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