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I am an AAT student member and will be renewing my membership when it expires in 31 March 2013.
At present, I am enrolled onto a training provider (Premier Training) for Level 3.
I plan to cancel the homestudy course for Level 4 as I feel I don't have the time to fully benefit from the tuition. As an existing AAT student member, will I be able to still take my exams at one of the exam centres if I do not belong to a training provider? Instead, I would like to buy my own Osborne text books and self-study as this is more flexible for me.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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    Hello Yan

    You can self study and sit the exams at any centre which accepts external students. You may find that some will charge more if you are an external student so you may like to phone a few before booking any exams.

    Good luck with level 4.

    JC :o
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