Are there any Sage experts out there??

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Hello! After creating/posting few invoices on Sage, I realized that on some of them 'details/description' section was left as blank, even though i filled this information in. When I went back checking customer activity record, my sales invoice was showing, but with no description, and it only shows the description when you select this entry with a mouse. Then I went into file/corrections/edit/amended details...
On the corrections long list this transaction is now showing as deleted and highlighted in red, however on the customer activity record, its just showing as deleted, but actually there were no changes made.

Can someone please explain to me, what is my mistake??? Thank you in advance


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    There's a few things to consider here. First off and directly, I assume you have studied accounts and the use of Sage?

    Taking that as a given:
    1) There are two ways to raise an invoice on sage. The first is to go to Customer > then click the invoice in the top bar. This will simply post to your general ledger and not "create" an invoice. The second and correct way for raising customer invoices is to go Customer > Invoice list (left hand bar - Links) > new invoice (button at top) Fill in the details of the customer account, date, values etc. The important bit here is that sage posts two lines, it has one for the Description that goes on the invoice and one for the General ledger details. These are accessed by clicking the little arrow on the corresponding line of the invoice (This gives you a screen where you can change nominal codes and tax rates etc, along with the two detail/description lines)

    Once you click print this will post the invoice. Make sure everything is correct so that you do not have to make corrections later.

    2) Depending on your version of sage you can change to see deleted/amended transactions or ignore them. How this is done I am not 100% sure. Google it :)
    Settings>Company Preferences>Parameters>Exclude Deleted Transactions

    3) These transactions are showing as red as you may have changed them in some way, a date or amount it then recreates a new entry (click the little O/S only button tickbox in top right to show outstanding only , if its not been paid ofcourse) However, rereading I suspect you have deleted this transaction and will need to repeat it.

    I suggest running a customer activity report Customers > select customer > reports > customer activity > Customer activity (detailed) to show true transactions.

    Hopefully this will guide you in the right direction.

    One last thing if you do make amendments (not advised, get it right first time!) Note going into corrections and changing the description will not change the nominal details, to do this you have to click edit and change the details line as well.

    Good luck!
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