Dividend Payment re self assessment query


A client has been self employed and gone limited on 31.01.12. The incorporation/payroll bit was done through another agency. I am doing his self assesssment only.

Originally he confirmed that apart from self-employment, no other income was recieved which seemed entirely reasonable given his self-employment income.

He then mentioned that he had taken a dividend - I have the voucher in front of me, which states monies was paid on 19/03/2012 for accounting period ending 31.01.13. (ie: the dividend has been paid "in advance"). It also states date of dividend at 19.03.12 at £xx with tax credit of £xx. Could someone clarify when this dividend should be submitted for self assessment. I believe it should be in period it relates to, rather than when monies recieved, hence this should be submitted in next year's self assessment? Or the date of the dividend @ 19/03/12?

Thanks very much!


  • SarahJS
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    It is an interim payment. Dividends go on the tax return if the date they were paid falls in the tax year, so if it was paid 5th April 12 or earlier it needs to be reported on the 11/12 return.
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