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Can someone confirm - I have a client who went from self employment to Ltd three quarters through a year. Once a Director, he did not take any salary, just a one-off dividend.

As a Director, he has no taxable benefits to declare etc - the only income from this period is the dividend payment.

Do I need to fill in the employment page? I am assuming not, as the page will not allow me to leave £0 figures in employment earned/tax to date (as per P60 - which he doesn't have, not having earned anything, as per his payroll bureau.) Or is there someway round this, and I need to register him as a Director for this financial year, even with no salary etc?

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  • JodieR
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    I think that this was a requirement years ago but isn't any longer. Probably because HMRC got sick of people sending in a tax return with 30 supplementary employment pages declaring all their directorships with zeros in the income box. If you're worried about it then just put a note in the white space saying that he was a director of XYZ Ltd but no salary was paid in this tax year.
  • FoxAccountancyServices
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    No, there is no need to fill out the employment pages. Just self employment and UK dividends. :)
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