What is the correct way to account for VAT on Amazon, PayPal and eBay fees?

FoxAccountancyServices Registered Posts: 9 New contributor ?
Hey everyone

Just when I think I have got my head around this, I then go and start second guessing myself.

Will someone please put this one to bed for me, once and for all? :001_rolleyes:

I am using Sage. I have T9 as outside scope, T7 as zero rate EC, T8 as standard rate EC and T20 as reverse charge.

Are paypal fees payable still T0?

Are amazon fees and Ebay fees T8 or T20? Does it even matter?

Currently, being charged VAT on fees but documentation gone in to stop VAT being charged.

Anyone who can make it all concrete for me, I will bow down too! Thanks! :lol:
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