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Did anyone recently done the CRS exam? I've had one yesterday and I've failed (btw more than a half people from my group as well failed) it was just completely different from what I've been studying and even from online practice assessment very difficult and complicated . AAT should have at list one online practice assessment as is on the real exam now i don't even know how I'm suppose to resit when ive done all the exercises from the book and att website and on the real exam is just something different :mad2:

Any thoughts people??


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    Dear Monkey25

    I appreciate your problem
    I attended a master class laid on for lecturers by the AAT where the examiner went through the whole of CRS and how he might examine the various standards.
    This is a demanding unit and a demanding exam, quite rightly given the credibility of the qualification.

    I fully appreciate that if you are self-studying you do not have the benefit of a tutor carefully dissecting the standards and guidance notes, and are reliant on the books published and the questions that have been retired from the exam bank.
    This exam can be tested in many different ways on each task, even if the task will always test one of a number of topics.
    Do you live in the UK? And would you be prepared to attend a revision day if you thought it might help you to see the full extent of what a CRS exam might test?

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