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Although I am a regular reader of the forum, this is my first post …… so please be gentle with me lol.

I have been working in the Financial Services sector for the past seven years and have recently started my ACCA. I have my MAAT and I am currently working as an assistant management accountant. I am happy in my current position but feel that I need to gain experience elsewhere to help me progress.

I am looking for a part time voluntary position, to help me gain some practical experience in self-employment and small business accounts. I am willing to work of an evening and happy to work at the weekend, so I am fairly flexible.

Does anyone know how I can go about this or better still, lead me in the right direction?

Any advice/comments are much appreciated.


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    here is one place - although where are you based?

    Another is to write to local accountants.

    There is also this website but its mostly charities

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    That's great thank you Ian, I work in the City.
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    Beryl30 wrote: »
    That's great thank you Ian, I work in the City.


    Type your town or post code into the following website:

    to get a list of all the chartered firms of accountants in your area and start e-mailing out your CV and requirements. It is a numbers game to be honest, the more you apply to the more chance you have of getting the experience you want.

    It might be sensible to start e-mailing from 2nd week of February onwards (as in January practice accountants are busy with tax returns and during the 1st week of February they are recovering).

    Hope that helps
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    Good morning……….

    Thank you so much- I think this would be the best approach for me to take.
    I have a list of practices I will contact (from the link you provided) in mid-Feb, fingers crossed something comes up soon.

    Have a great weekend!
    Thanks again!
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