Advice on allowable expense on Childminder S.A.

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I am completing my Aunt's S.A. (am licenced through ICB currently), she as asked me if it is okay to claim 10% of her monthly SKY bill along with her wear and tear allowance as she pays for the kid's channels and the kids watch it a lot in the winter months.

I did not think it was allowable as the argument could be made on the side of HMRC of how much is personal and would you still have the subscription if you were not childminding.

Advice would be welcome from any accountant who deals with childminders.


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    I'm not sure about that in particular (although it seems reasonable to me), but the NCH(?) do have a very detailed guide on what they've agreed with HMRC that childminders can claim, have a look on their website or ask the client if they've got a copy of the guidence.
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    sorry, NCMA, not NCH
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    I will do, she is a member and I think has the guidelines (might be the Scottish one though)

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