Bank account missing from Balance Sheet

On a new client's set of accounts for the previous year the bank account balance (£3k) is missing from the balance sheet. She's a sole trader and the account looks like it's (strictly) a personal account rather than a business account but she very clearly only uses it for business use and has a separate account for personal use. The previous accounts were drawn up by a chartered accountant and in all other respects appear to be accurate but I'm just confused as to why the bank account is missing.

What criterea do the rest of you use to decide whether a bank account is a business asset or not?


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    If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck...........

    In circumstances you describe I treat it as a business asset. Where there's the odd personal expense,
    it wouldn't change the treatment - that would just be posted to drawings.

    I would dispute the previous accountants treatment - chartered or not.
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