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It's been years since I've had one of these, but a client has received £250 from a discretionary trust during 2011/12, for which I've got a form R185. In box 1 they've entered £250 AND in the 'Tax credit at the trust rate on box 1 payment' they've also entered £250. It looks a little odd to me, but do I just copy the £250 figure to box 1 of the Trust supplementary pages on his tax return?


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    Yes, I believe you're right (however, be aware that my knowledge of trusts is limited!).

    The SA107 notes ( state:

    Discretionary income payment from a UK resident trust
    Box 1 Net amount – after tax taken off
    If you are a beneficiary of a discretionary trust, enter in box 1 the amount
    received from the trustees after they took off tax. But do not include
    payments from a trust that is settlor-interested (see the box 2 note below).
    If you received payments from more than one trust, add them together. The
    income in box 1 carries a tax credit of 50% so, if you are not taxable at
    50%, some tax may be repaid to you or will reduce your overall tax bill –
    we will work this out. Payments from non-resident trustees go in box 41 on
    the Foreign pages (but see also the note for box 2 below).

    This reconciles with your statement - the gross income being £500 (tax credit of 50% = £250, income = £50).
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    Thanks very much! I feel lazy now for not reading the guidence...
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