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Just wondered if anyone could advise or offer tips on how to maintain a tidy desk? I work in purchase ledger.



  • omega man
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    Well one way is when you get a P45,lol.
    Another is get yourself a block of 3 trays that sit on top of each other,i forget what you call them now as it is 20 years since i had a proper accounting job.Then priortise which work is more important.
    I am doing PTX on Jan 29th too,hope you do ok in financial performance i passed that one in October.
  • guinea pig
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    Hi Martin, I also work in PL, and get overwhelmed by the volume of invoices at different stages! I have a high rise block of trays, from the bottom;
    1. Invoices authorised ready for input
    2. Invoices just received awaiting registration/authorisation
    3. Invoices relating to purchase orders, in alphabetical order
    4. Miscellaneous info which I refer to
    5. Pending queries/address changes/the days incoming post not yet sorted/misc things that should have been done yesterday etc..
    This works for me, although an extra 8 hours each day would be helpful!
  • janwal
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    Hi Martin' I certainly know what you mean.

    I too have a trays, don't know how you cateorize your invoices but we still have manual, computer order and NHS, I have a tray for incoming and then I sort them in the 3 piles, and have folders for pending ones awaiting authorisation.

    I thought you wouldn't have any hanging around with scanning!!

  • ExcelAnt
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    My two cents from my old P/L job!

    New invoices for logging
    Invoices logged ready for auth
    Invoices authorised ready to be coded/loaded
    Invoices for scanning
    Invoices for Payment run ready
    Invoices to file post being paid

    My routine would be to log new invoices and code authorised invoices depending when the payment run was (eg pay run tomorrow get all authorised invoices loaded and scanned)

    Oh, and a queries file for about 2 hours a week. Oh and time to clear down accounts with allocations and filing (i found Friday was a good day for this)

    The one thing I was always told was to prioritise and manage one pile at once. Clear it, then start the next, don;t go back and forth between logging and coding invoices etc as you will quickly lose track.

    Decide on one job, pick up that pile and work through it :P

    Finally, spend 10 minutes at the end of the day clearing your stall setting it right for the morning try not to go home with a messy desk as guess what? it will be like that in the morning and be so much more daunting. the 10 minutes to get you clear is well worth it!

    Good luck!
  • Makkusu
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    Do overtime and turn them all into pdf's, put rest in a box... sorted.
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