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I have processed my first VAT return for a new client and their previous accountant has posted a journal at the end of Dec 2010 to VAT control. This journal throws up as an unassigned VAT amount at the bottom of the return. How can I get rid of this? I have tried adding it to the VAT line and adjusting the amount due but it is still there as an error at the bottom of the return???


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    what is the value posted by previous accountant actually for Juliet?
  • JJH1969JJH1969 Feels At Home StaffordshirePosts: 110Registered
    I wish I knew - its just part of a large journal called balances b'fwd done at the year end. The amount is only £37
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    It'll probably be best to find out what it's for, but if you can't (and for the amount involved it may bot be worth it), but make sure when you post the journal you include entries in the boxes on the right on the line saying 'VAT liability' - can't think off the top of my head the exact entries but something like 'HMRC' in one box and 'Purchase VAT' or something in the other. That should stop it appearing on the unassigned report.
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    The reason it comes up as unassigned is the previous accountant must have posted the journal without assigning a vat code to it or posted it to a period for which the return had already been filed. Can you take this out of the vat control account with the same date and then re-post with vat code? Just an idea!
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    Thanks for the replies - take it out how - what would the journal entries be?
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    Juliet sorry I've not come back to you- can you post a screen shot of the quickbooks report so I can take a look? I am no QB guru but I have used it for a while, and struggled with the best of them with its anomolies :glare:
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    I think you have to amend the original transaction rather than put a journal through. As imeldabye says I think you have to label it as HMRC vat return in the customer bit and then put it through as sales output VAT but it's tricky to tell you exactly as I only use QB at a clients so don't have it to refer to.
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    also-I have a feeling that you need to adjust the opening balance on the vat control a/c via the opening balance equity account...
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