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Slightly random question :) - AAT recognition overseas

tuhkimotuhkimo New MemberRegistered Posts: 7
Hi all,

I'm currently doing my level 2 certificate and considering doing level 3. The thing is I'll probably be moving to New Zealand by the end of next year and I'm not sure if my AAT qualifications will be recognised there... If they're not, maybe I'd be better off doing something else other than AAT. I've done some research online but haven't really found any clear answers.

Does anyone happen to know if the AAT is recognised in New Zealand? Or who I could contact to find out...?

Thanks! :)


  • CHES&STAFF01CHES&STAFF01 Well-Known Registered Posts: 107
    Hi Tuhkimo,

    I've had a browse on the AAT site and found this:

    Professional members of AAT can
    become provisional members of the
    AT College of the New Zealand Institute
    of Chartered Accountants (NZICA).
    On completion of the Institute’s
    orientation paper in commercial law,
    at least to New Zealand Diploma in
    Business level, AAT members can
    transfer from provisional to
    professional membership of the
    AT College.
    To contact NZICA
    t: +64 4 474 7840
    f: +64 4 473 6303
    e: [email protected]
    w: www.nzica.com

    I hope this helps you to make your decision!
  • tuhkimotuhkimo New Member Registered Posts: 7
    Excellent! Thanks a millions! :)
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