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Evening :)

Are we able to carry out accounting for charities?

I have been approached by a charity to a) help them set up charity status and b) oversee their accounts. Currently I have little knowledge in this area but as this is a charity I donate to alot I would like to help them. Would appreciate any books you can recommend on the subject.

It is only a little charity - if it was large I wouldn't consider doing this at all!

Thank you



  • Monsoon
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    Yes. We do this. Feel free to email me if you want any advice. I'm by no means an expert but I know the basics.

    For once, the HMRC website is very helpful, and the Charities Commission site is also clear. Just read those and you should mostly get what you need :)

    You need form CHA1 to register the charity with HMRC and you register online with the CC (has to have t/o over £5k to reg with CC, but under that you can still reg with HMRC and claim gift aid)

    Jenni xx
  • Becky V
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    Hi Monsoon,

    Would you be able to give me advice, I have been asked by a preschool to do their accounts.

    Many thanks

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