Commodity Codes.

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Does anyone have experience of working out commodity codes for exporting / importing goods. I tried to seek advice from the UK Tariff Helpline and they literally said they could not help as it is not straightforward.

We manufacture seating for disabled children/adults which are modular and sold with or without various different bases; some of which resemble wheelchairs, some which resemble normal castor based chairs. The products are class 1a medical devices but there only appears to be coding for either Carriages for disabled persons, or medical furniture such as
dentist chairs and operating tables.

The guy at the end of the phone said a binding order would give us a correct code, only I'm simply trying to check the codes that have been used prior to me joining (no advice sought prior). Would you split the chair, accessories and its relevant base or simply classify them all as 'carriages'. Many freight forwarders seem to consider them as carriages but I got the impression that if the chair is on a normal castor base then it's not so much a 'carriage' but more furniture.


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    hi I do this in work. what exactly do you need help with? classifying goods? what type of goods are they? I might be able to help
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    It's classifying the goods.

    I think I've managed to work it out though as I've found some tariff decisions in America that would seem similar to our products.

    We manufacture disability chairs for children, which are modular so they can fit on a variety of different bases. Some bases are like office chairs on castors, some are more advanced but still designed for indoor use around homes and schools and some are actual wheelchairs.

    I've classed the seating system and it's accessories (used for postural support) as medical furniture which is 9402 9000 which will include the accessories and indoor bases. When we ship out the wheelchair bases I will just classify them separately (as they are presented separately) as carriages for disabled people under 8713 1000. Freight companies tend to want to class the chair as a wheelchair in all circumstances but I don't think that is strictly correct.
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    Hi sorry for not replying to you but because you edited your first post rather than writing a new one it never come up on this "what's new" option I use. Must admit this is a tricky one so I'm glad you managed to work it out.
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