Limit to attempts?

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Hi all

quick question, someone has just mentioned to me that there is a limit on hhow many attempts you are allowed to take to resit exams, is this right?

I have to attempt FNP forr the 3rd time soon, and want to know if my attempts are numbered?

J :ohmy:


  • janwal
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    Hi Jane

    As far as I'm aware this is no limit on how many times you can sit. The only limit that I have is that college finishes in September and therefore If I don't pass all by then I would have to pay to go through Kaplan or BPP. I do remember last year that someone sat in one of our exams and was retaking a level 4 for the 5th time.

    Good luck with the resit, I have Budgeting so far to resit and probably FNST (result due 4wks), sitting FNP in April

  • jane
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    Thanks Janwal

    I have opted to do my resit in April now too, the earlier date I was given is far too soon and smack right in the middle of our month end, so would have battled to get time off work!

    Just hope I can manage the pass I so desperately need to finish AAT.

    Good luck to you

  • Chelle
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    There is no limit, I'm sure I read somewhere that someone had resat 7 times FNPF or FNST (not sure which one it is) but I do know that, say if I chose to retake Level 4 again in September then there are new elements being put into the subjects (as per our college lecturer), so I think it will change the way the exams are, although I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

    I'm resitting on the 12th (gulp) but if I leave it any later then it will clash with FNST and then Budgeting and PTX.
  • jane
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    Thanks Chelle

    Good luck for the 12th, I shall be thinking of you. My resit day may change to sooner, the one in April is fully booked so just waiting to hear! This time around, when it comes to the second written task, I am going to take a deep breath and READ the question properly, and hope to god it's not too bad of a question!! LOL
    J x
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