Two down, five to go!!!

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Passed AP1 and AP2 today :) Was thinking of next doing the dreaded CRS to get it out of the way, unless anyone has any better suggestions for progression!??



How do I do that little bit at the bottom of posts to show what i've passed and what i'm doing now!? :001_unsure:


  • janwal
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    Well done Rach in passing :) I actually didn't find CRS too bad and if you search on here there is a lot of old threads that will help, passed first time but actually had to resit AP1 &

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  • Petana
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    Well done on passing Ap1 and 2. :thumbup1: I did ITX afterwards, leaving CRS for last. Got the material for CRS yesterday and it is huge.

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  • Rachie278
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    Thanks for the congrats and help Janwal and Petana!!

    I started to read my CRS books yesterday, and can safely say, none of it went in! I shall try again today!

    I'm trying to do exams in twos as much as I can, my local exam centres charge a high admin fee, but offer 20% offer if I do the exams in twos, my other option is a 60 mile round trip to a BPP centre but then again, it would make most sense to do two at a time. I'm trying to do an easy and hard exam together so this next one, I'm going to try CRS and ITX, then CMGT and PEAF and then SPSW by itself. Famous last words eh!
  • Clarekaye
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    I had to resit AP1 twice and the rest I did first time round, PEAF next week so fingers crossed as its my last one.
    Havent attempted more than one section at a time cos I know I wont be able to focus especially having such a full on job and cant actually remember which one was worse for me.
    I study through Eagle Education and did AP1,AP2, CRS, TAX, CGMT, SPSW and got PEAF next week.
  • Pearce161
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    Well done!

    I passed AP2 a couple of weeks ago and have started CRS, I'm at college though so its a little different, although we are well behind as our tutor was off for weeks and nobody booked the AP2 exam till he got back!

    CRS looks a lot but the first part is a lot of what was covered in basic costing in level 2 so start at the beginning and you'll settle back in ok.
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