Can anyone tell me what functions on excel are useful to know in practice? i have a job interview which requires a excel assessment and i want to make sure i am fully prepared and able to do well


  • Whirlwind
    Whirlwind Registered Posts: 249 ? ? ?

    In the practice where I work we use all the 'sum' formulas, 'vlookup' and 'if...'. I have seen other jobs advertised that required 'pivot tables' too.

    All the very best with the interview, let us know how you get on!!
  • Paul C
    Paul C Registered Posts: 193 ? ? ?
    Hi Caroline,

    Things that speed work up? Pivot tables, automatic subtotals, key formula's etc . Might be worth knowing where to find answers to problems / queries in excel at work so that you can show you are pro-active and able to solve some issues yourself if stuck (in built help function, Microsoft website etc). Although using these forums shows you know where to look for help and that that you actively use the AAT website resources!

    Best wishes
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