Studying ACCA papers F4 to F9 Full time then the BSc Applied Accounting Degree ?

George Tse
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I passed the AAT in 2009 and have not been employed in an accounts role since then.

I am wondering if I would get more of a chance of getting an accounting job if I studied ACCA papers F4 - F9 full time and then do the research projects for the BSc degree.

Questions is will I be too over qualified with out much accounting experience or is this an idea for now ?

My other alternative is to go back to university and study for a different degree as I do not have a degree which will improve my changes in getting on to a graduate scheme when I graduate but the thing is I am 23 years old now.

So is the ACCA and then the BSc a good idea or not ?

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  • Bluewednesday
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    Easy to say but I think the work experience is more important at this stage, otherwise you run the danger of being over qualified/under experienced
  • George Tse
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    Easy to say but I think the work experience is more important at this stage, otherwise you run the danger of being over qualified/under experienced

    Problem is I cant find any everyone keeps telling me this :(
  • jnvp
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    Catch 22

    I can sympathise with your situation as I find myself in the same place. You need qualifications to get a job but cannot get a job without experience. I have opted to start papers F4 to F9 in September with the hope that the degree will give me a greater scope of jobs to apply for as the graduate job then become available as well. Good luck :001_unsure:
  • Amy Smith
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    I am currently working in an accountancy based role whilst the firm pay for me to study part-time for my AAT...
    Possibly you could do something similar? Hunt for a job that requires some experience and maybe they can invest in your tuition, providing you pass and work for them after.

    I know this is possible for those who have not yet studied for AAT but there may be an opportunity for those who have; i'd say its definitely worth a look. I'll see what I can find myself and PM you

    Amy :001_smile:
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  • SandyHood
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    I agree with the posters who have advocated work. Years ago I can remember meeting ACCA qualified but inexperienced people who were not able to find work.

    I'm based on the south coast and work closely with an accountancy recruitment agency, they are placing lots of AAT and part qual CIMA students, and have actually seen business grow.

    In Nottingham, I guess you've tried lots of places. Do you scour the websites of local businesses looking for opportunities? I am interested to see how many jobs don't get advertised anywhere else.

    Nottingham felt busy when I was there at the end of November, what sort of job are you looking for?

    Be very wary about going the full-time ACCA route.
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  • ExcelAnt
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    Out of curiosity what degree are you guys referring to?

    I would advocate getting experience any way you can. From my experience, technical knowledge is great but reality can be quite different due to computer programmes doing much of the work you study technically in the background.
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