Three exams left, which order?

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Which to do first. Ideas?

I have 3 exams left (all level 4).

FNPF, FNST, and a optional (already done crmc). All on distance learning.

Which would you do first. I haven't even attempted statements, have failed fnpf twice in 2010, am good at variances (sp?) etc, but it is the written parts I get let down on.

I sat one exam last year and passed in may (crmc), but haven't done anything since. Arrival of a baby in june put paid to studying since. Back to work in a few weeks, and thought its a good time to pick up studies aswell.

Any ideas?

Katie :)


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Katie

    Do you know which optional paper you are going to opt for?

    I personally would leave Financial Statements till last if you haven't studied for it yet. You could refresh yourself on FNPF and sit this exam before the optional paper and then complete FNST.

    I think you should study the paper which most interests you since you have had a break as you are more likely to be keen/eager to get this one completed and then complete the outstanding two.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

    JC :o
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  • katie2008
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    Hi Jo, Im tending to go towards the auditing paper as an optional. I'm not too keen on either tax.

    I think I should look at section 2 of fnpf, master and pass that then start the other 2 from scratch. I'm pretty much there on fnpf, its just the written parts.
  • adiba
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    Hi Katie

    I had a baby mid-studies as well so know how hard it can be!

    I agree with Jo, maybe do FNPF first as you've already studied it and as you say yourself it's just section 2 you need to master.

    Good luck.
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