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I would really like some help on this! I have just taken over the accounts of a partnership and they want to incorporate, so I have been looking at issues around timing of incorporation and overlaps etc. the client tells me that her previous accountant asked them to use an Oct-Sept accounting period when they first started. However the accounts are made up to March 31st in their Sage accounts.

What's more puzzling is she has shown me emails where she has sent the trial balance to the accountant in the past with a period of Apr-Mar but he has then prepared the partnership accounts to September and the personal SAs to 6th April. Technically there is no overlap because all the trial balances etc from 2007 to date are made up to 31st March but the filed returns all have wrong basis periods. How should I approach this? Do I call HMRC and explain? Do I have to file amended returns from 07- date?


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    I called HMRC and they explained that I will have to write to them to claim overpayment relief using schedule 1AB-TMA 1970. But as technically no overpayment has been made its just a matter of correcting the dates!
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