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Elderly client passed away over Christmas. I only know this as I saw a post on Facebook about it, posted by someone who has no idea that he was a client of mine. His bookkeeper who I mainly liased with had passed away a few months prior and as far as I'm aware he had very little in the way of family (or indeed possessions) and the business had made losses for the past 3 years that I'd done the accounts. I have no idea who will be dealing with his affairs but I think that someone must have informed HMRC as his name is no longer on my client list. His 2011/12 tax return had been submitted before the deaths so that's all in order but something will need to be filed for 2012/13. I'm just a bit stumped as to what to do now - his business premises was rented from the council and although I do have a residential address for him I don't think that he actually ever really lived there and I'm almost certain he didn't own the property. I don't want to spend a huge amount of time on this as I know there'll not be any tax due any way you look at it, and it seems that someone is liasing with HMRC about it, but should I be sending a letter anyway to the addresses which i have hoping that they'll get forwarded to the approriate people and if so what do I say?
Sorry it's rambly, I've already edited out many other complications!


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    I wouldn't worry about writing a letter Jodie, bit difficult if you don't have a contact name, and as everything is up to date you've met your obligations. It's up to the his representative to sort out his tax affairs for this tax year, and HMRC will contact them, it's explained here He should have left records showing you were his accountant, so his representative/executor may reappoint you.

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks for the reply :)
    I did provide him with hard copies of his accounts and a letter of engagement and there may have been reminder letters etc but his bookkeeper was such a big part of his life (although I don't think romantically) and I'm fairly sure she kept all of his paperwork at her house, so I think that with her passing away before him there's a chance that his paperwork could be caught up with hers and goodness knows where that is now! But if there's no obligation to contact anyone then I'm happy to let it be.
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