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I just checked my results to discover I have failed my credit management exam for the third time. I'm devastated I havent had as many attempts on the harder exams. I used the Osborne book to revise but when I went in for the exam I did get asked questions which werent covered in the book.. Has anybody took this exam and passed and what book did you use??? I really memorised the whole book by memory and felt I knew enough to pass... :(


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    I failed the exam on my first attempt as well. I think it is important to do as many practice exams as possible. I think the are a few on the AAT website, just make sure you can pass them as well as the green light tests.

    When did you take the exam? Have you got the feedback yet?
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    I jus checked my results about 15minutes ago im absolutely devastated I really felt confident than I had done In the past. Which book did you use??
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    Im going to ring the centre for my feedback tomorrow
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    I used the osborne book. It is a very small book so in theory should be easy but it is a tricky exam. Good luck
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    Sorry to see you failed :(

    I used the kaplan book and passed first time distance learning.

    Do you know what area you failed on.
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    Now I'm nervous as I'm sitting mine this Thursday. I'm not worried about the multiple choice questions but the extended written questions are scary :crying::crying::crying:
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    I can only find 1 mock exam on the aat website and this is the same as the one I have in my text book.

    Is there anymore anywhere that anyone knows about?
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    I sat this last week so only have to wait another 5 weeks for the results:glare: but I did 4 mock exams leading up to the exam and then to my dismay the actual exam was nothing like them. I even got 100% on onee of the multiple choice papers then struggled in the actual. I found the exam really tricky and I think the only way to pass it is constants revision and questions.

    For the second paper you need to know your performance indicators and what they show, very important to explain what they show. If you can do that then I believe you'll be ok as I found this the most difficult.

    Hope I haven't scared anyone, with plenty of hard work you'll all be fine! :thumbup1::001_smile:
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    I failed this first time too... :-( I am using the Kaplan Books...
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