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I'm new to the forum, but have my Spreadsheets exam tomorrow followed by ITX on Thursday!

Just wondered if anyone had any advice for spreadsheets as I finding it hard to know what to expect. Have done the practice assessment on AAT and all the exercises in the resources section, but can't find any other exam format questions.

Any advice gratefully received.
Thanks Hannah


  • liveprincess
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    hi the SPSW exam is pretty much identical to the practice assessment on the AAT website. Good luck
  • coolchan
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    I have got mine today as well and the advice we were given by our tutor was to do exactly what it says and you even score marks for typing your name and AAT member numbers correctly on your work. I am struggling with just one function and I am hoping this wont cause me to fail it. I cannot get my head around the if function. I can read it out to myself fine but it is putting in the formula correctly in excel where I struggle and knowing where to place the brackets. If you know and understand this and can give any tips great. Good luck btw.
  • HannahT
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    Thanks for getting back to me. I think it went ok, I'm doing my Level 3 through local college and them trying to set up the exam took over an hour which was very frustrating! I was happy with all the formulae etc. it was just wording of the question i'm not sure if I interupted it right.

    Fingers crossed! Did Indirect Tax yesterday too, which I passed, phew! :001_smile:

    coolchan how did you get on?
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