Do you need Level 2 to become qualified?

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Hi All

Id really appreciate your comments on this. I am currently studying level 2 but was told that you only need to have passed level 3 and 4 to gain the AAT qualification, is this true? If so I may as well skip aheadto level 3 and save the exam fees.

Its also worth pointing out that I am planning on self studying and taking exams when ready. I currently work in a finance field so have a basic knowledge as is.

Thanks in advance.


  • dsavickij
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    That is correct.

    Do a skills check on the aat website. If it advices that you are ready to start from level 3 then do so.
  • crispy
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    Yes you are correct - you don't need level 2 in order to complete the qualification and become maat. I believe you also would not need the stage in order to claim exemptions from aca/acca/cima.

    If you are self funding, and already confident with bookkeeping then you may as well skip the level. You could have a look at the level 2 skills tests/exams to see if you were missing anything you were not confident with.
  • Rachel25
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    Thanks guys that clears things up.

    I have the books on level 2 and have to admit I have learned a lot from them but I personally dont feel the need to sit the exams if its not compulsory, I will test my knowledge on the skills test to be sure :)
  • angmc
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    If I were you I'd carry on studying Level 2 because it does give you a good basic knowledge that will be beneficial for Levels 3 & 4. You could test yourself with the online assessments but I wouldn't bother doing the official AAT exams. I wish I'd known this when I was doing Level 2 I'd have saved myself a bit of money & stress!
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